Villas and Cottages - M. Imob. Unip. Lda

Villas and Cottages - M. Imob. Unip. Lda

About us

About us - Villas and Cottages - M. Imob. Unip. Lda

Villas and Cottages - Mediaçao Imobiliaria Unipessoal Lda., trading as Villas &Cottages Ltd., is an independent Real Estate Agent working on behalf of 
the owners regarding management services for their properties in Northern Portugal. 



Villas and Cottages is registered in Portugal (no. 3474). We are fully licensed by the Portuguese Government with license nº. A.M.I. 5660.  The A.M.I. is issued by IMPIC which is the Ministry responsible for all Real Estate and Property Management companies in Portugal. Villas and Cottages is also a member of the Portuguese Association of Real Estate Agents - A.P.E.M.I.P  nº 2419. We carry Liability Insurance covering Professional Indemnity - policy number 8250400/4. Our insurer is Fidelidade-Mundial S.A., Largo do Calhariz, 30, 1249-001 Lisboa, Portugal. 



Whenever assistance is needed, Villas & Cottages staff is only a phone call away.


Tel.  + 351 96 887 03 01
 Skype Name: villasandcottages


VILLAS AND COTTAGES Mediação Imobiliária Unip. Lda.

Rua da Olivença, Nº 3, 1º Centro Frente
4900-334 Viana do Castelo Portugal 
Tel. + 351 258 817 160 or 
      + 351 96 887 03 01
Fax. + 351 258 817 162

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